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Intraceuticals beauty treatments in Sarina


As beauty professionals, we love to recommend and use incredible beauty products. That’s why we offer products and treatments using Intraceuticals. We focus on facial products, rather than full-body treatments. With Intraceuticals, you can leave our clinic with glowing skin, feeling more confident than ever before.

Intraceuticals Products

One of the products we offer at our beauty clinic is the Intraceuticals line of body and facial treatment products. This brand has a unique line of skincare products that work well with oxygen facials or as a standalone treatment.

Many products target different skin deficiencies or needs, including aging or damaged skin. Ask us about the right Intraceuticals product for your skin type and facial skin needs.

Treatment with Intraceuticals

Bernadette’s Beauty Clinic provides rejuvenating facial treatments using Intraceuticals beauty products. We offer a whole line of products for sale in our clinic, so you can use them at home, but we also do full facials to add our professional touch to the mix.

Intraceuticals treatments take advantage of the newest, most effective facial treatment products offered by the company. We use their nourishing skin products to give you visible results after every session. Come for treatment with us and leave with healthier, happier, radiant skin.

Intraceuticals Products

For a full Intraceuticals facial treatment at our clinic, the cost is $100.

What to Expect

You can expect to see great results from using Intraceuticals beauty products. Full of antioxidants and naturally beneficial vitamins, your skin will be well hydrated, cleansed and visibly healthier after using Intraceuticals. The products we offer work on any skin type and help dramatically with aging signs.

After using Intraceuticals products or having a full treatment from our clinic, you’ll see the difference in your face. Results aren’t permanent, but they continue as long as you stick to using the products on a regular basis.

In addition to anti-aging properties, Intraceuticals products also help to rejuvenate skin that’s recently received harsher treatment, including chemical peels or resurfacing.