Lipo Lift Facials — Beauty Services in Sarina, QLD

Lipo lift facials in Sarina


Bernadette’s Beauty Clinic provides an alternative to surgical, invasive facelifts. With our lipo lift facial, you can be in and out of the clinic in less than an hour with no downtime, no new scars, and a soft, supple face when you leave.

What Is a Lipo Lift Facial?

Lipo lift facials are non-invasive, gentle facial routines that help to smooth out uneven facial skin and reduce visible signs of aging. Even if you don’t show any signs of aging yet, you can still experience healthier, more radiant skin after a lipo lift facial.

Celebrities use lipo lift facials as their secret weapon for staying youthful and gorgeous all the time. Regular facial treatments using this method can improve your skin’s health and beauty simultaneously.

How Lipo Lift Works

We operate an Australian-made lipo lift machine that uses advanced massage technology to smooth out skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The massaging machine head is moved all around your face, especially targeting the areas of concern where uneven skin and wrinkles are most obvious.

By massaging the skin and breaking down fat cells under the skin, lipo lifts even out rough skin and smoothen your entire face. You’ll leave our clinic with plump, radiant skin.

Lipo lift facials are a 3-step process for quick, effective results. First, the machine rolls over your skin, massaging and smoothing it out. Then, with slight suction, skin is stimulated and manipulated to reduce signs of aging out. After we’re done with the procedure, we apply rejuvenating skin products for moisturising and to add to your glowing face.

Benefits of Lipo Lift Facials

You’ll get a few main benefits from every lipo lift session. These include:
  • Relaxation
  • Improved blood flow around the face
  • Stimulated collagen production
  • Reduced signs of aging

Expected Results

From the first session, you can expect to start seeing positive results. But, the most consistent results will come from regular treatments. We recommend doing a weekly session for 6 to 10 weeks in the beginning, then doing a monthly maintenance session to keep up your great results.

One of the best things about lipo lift facials is that you won’t have any ugly side effects or recovery time after each treatment. You can leave your appointment and go about your day normally without pain, swelling, redness or skin irritation.