Lipo massage in Sarina


There’s no instant weight loss serum or fat melting treatment, but lipo massage treatments are about as close as you can get! For faster weight loss and re-shaping of tricky fat pockets and cellulite, Bernadette’s Beauty Clinic offers the solution.

What is Lipo Massage?

Lipo massage is a revolutionary new technique for shaping your body and removing the appearance of cellulite and fat. Not only does it help you feel more confident in your contoured body shape, but it also firms up loose skin and improves blood flow around your body. You’ll be looking and feeling better after every session.

The procedure is 100% non-invasive and requires no injections, anaesthesia, sedatives, pain relievers or anything else. It’s a painless, relaxing procedure that you’ll actually look forward to each time. Everything is done with little risk of side effects or other unpleasant problems.
Lipo Massage — Beauty Services in Sarina, QLD

How Lipo Massage Works

Using our French lipo massage machine, we’ll roll away at cellulite and fatty areas around your body, smoothing out the appearance of your stomach, arms, legs, butt or elsewhere. Our machine gives a steady rolling massage to areas with visible cellulite, working to break up uneven fat cells and create a smoother appearance in your skin.

The lipo massage machine works on loose skin, areas of excess fat and on cellulite. After a few sessions, you’ll notice your body looking more sculpted and smoother than before. While the fat itself isn’t melting away, it’s moving around and breaking down to look smoother and less obvious than before. No magic necessary.

Lipo Lift Facials

Just like the lipo massage on your body, you can get the same procedure done to your face to help stimulate collagen production for skin tightening, weight loss and shaping. Lipo lift facials don’t require any cuts, injections or anything else invasive. You’ll see steady improvements in your facial skin without scars or the recovery period from a regular facelift.

When You’ll See Results

It takes around 6 to 10 sessions of 30–35 minutes each until you can really see the striking results. You’re likely to see the difference before that, but it won’t be as obvious as it is after your 6th session. Between stimulated collagen production, body sculpting, improved blood flow and disappearance of cellulite, it’s hard to know which benefit to be most excited for!

After each session, you’ll feel the immediate benefits of stress relief and improved blood flow in treated areas. With less than an hour needed for each session and no recovery time necessary, you can get started at any time.

Lipo Massage Pricing

  • $100 an hour
  • 12 treatments for $1000